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chemical peels


 Chemical peels are designed to exfoliate excess dead skin cells for a brighter, smoother and healthier complexion. Peels contain different types of acids that are customized by me to target your skin concerns including aging, skin discoloration, sun damage, acne and scarring.

Please note, I do not perform chemical peels on first-time clients. Peels require proper preparation, discussion, and my professional guidance to truly reap benefits. 

Intro Peel


Book this if you're a first time peel client! Even if you've had a peel elsewhere, we need to do the consult to create a solid treatment plan and keep you safe. Expect minimal-to-no downtime, and if you've never had a professional treatment, we'll need to discuss proper home-care.

Level 1 Peel


This is for clients who have already had their intro peel and really want to amp up their results. Expect some peeling and flaking for anywhere for 3-10 days post-treatment. I recommend doing several level II peels before trying a level III peel, but I will evaluate at your appointment and make certain to choose the best peel for you.

Level 2 Peel


Medium depth peel with 3-10 days of downtime. NOT for first time clients. We'll choose from a variety of professional peel blends and customize to best address your concerns. Keep in mind, peels are best done in a series and should be paired with proper homecare to achieve optimum results..

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